About Etikord

Etikord is an international community of ethical consumption champions
supported by a multilingual platform for information, events and co-creation projects.


Letter to today’s and tomorrow’s champions of ethical consumption


Who has never (secretly) dreamed of changing the world?

Good news! The disruptions in our societies present numerous opportunities to actively shape a more ethical world.
A cultural revolution is underway towards a fairer and more sustainable future.


At Etikord, we fully understand the power of the impact of consumers and brands
that commit to ethical values and responsible business models.


We know that each of us has a role to play.

We know that together, we can make a «better» world a reality.


For this, it is essential that knowledge and ideas circulate better,

and that sound alliances are established among those who are committed.


That’s why, with Etikord…


We facilitate meetings and collaboration among the pioneers of the ethical transition in our societies.


In this way, engaged consumers can increase their visibility and influence,

and companies offering ethical products and services can grow and strengthen the viability of their model.


Together, let’s create more ethical choices through an ethical accord between supply and demand.


So, we ask you: Do you believe in this new world?

  • Our Vision

    Build alliances among consumers and brands
    to promote adoption of ethical consumption models.
  • Our Mission

    Inform, connect and engage consumers and brands
    to foster learning, trust and collaboration.
  • Our Values

    Every connection and experience matters – Building on shared ideals
    Learning through collaboration – Planning and executing with passion
  • Our Culture

    Integrity – Collaboration – Reliability
    Kindness – Optimism – Humour

Our Team

  • Henri Allegra Henri Allegra

    Henri Allegra

    Co-founder & President

    I always dreamed of travelling and discovering different lifestyles.

    I ended up living and working in 7 countries across 2 continents, and visiting several dozens of countries. Now that I’m finally settling down, I can fully appreciate all the wealth of these experiences and discoveries.

    When I’m not out changing the world, you can find me playing with my 2 little boys who change my world every day.

    Motto: Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  • Brigitte Allegra Brigitte Allegra

    Brigitte Allegra

    Co-founder & CFO

    I am a curious species who never ceases to be amazed about what this world has to offer. Always thirsty for new adventures and encounters.

    When not changing the world, you can find me swimming in the wild at any temperature (really any), seeking contact with nature.

    Motto: Just keep swimming, Nemo.

  • Indra Wijaya Indra Wijaya

    Indra Wijaya

    Co-founder & CTO

    I am a passionate dreamer, trying to make the world a better place for people who live in it. 

    Learning about others and their culture is somewhat a hobby. I have made friends from and traveled to 5 different continents.  

    When not changing the world, you can find me spending time travelling with my wife and son.

    Motto: Plan well but live life by the moment.

Our Services

    Explore articles covering ethical consumption and business trends, interviews with ethical leaders, group discussion syntheses, and Etikord event highlights.
    Engage in both virtual and in-person events with committed consumers and/or brand leaders. Join discussions and exchanges of experiences, insights, and ideas about key topics in ethical consumption.
    Participate in interactive and action-oriented projects, led by seasoned experts in ethical business management and involving engaged consumers. These missions are designed to help brands enhance their ethical value proposition across a range of business practices.

Our Partners

Our partners play a pivotal role in Etikord’s journey. By collaborating with these dedicated allies, Etikord is laying the groundwork for an evolutive service platform, establishing local and international networks, and fostering meaningful collaborations. These partnerships empower us to bring together advocates for ethical consumption and business models, creating a vibrant community committed to driving sustainable change.