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Personal & Household Care

In our cleaning routines, personal and household care products are moments of truth. These small everyday actions carry significant impacts from reducing excessive packaging, plastic pollution, and the use of harmful chemicals, to promoting cruelty-free testing and eco-friendly alternatives.


European regulations and industry innovations are actively responding to these concerns. This section delves into these trends and inspiring stories from ethical brands in the personal and household care product sectors.


Personal and household care products have long been essential for our well-being, but these everyday choices now reflect our constantly evolving values. Today’s consumers are increasingly conscious of the social and environmental impacts of these products, driving a demand for transparency, fair practices, and eco-friendly alternatives. The 2022 Etikord survey shows that about 40% of ethically-minded European consumers seek more ethical personal and household care products.

These sectors are undergoing significant transformation to meet this new demand, prioritizing sustainability, environmental responsibility, cruelty-free practices, transparency, fair labour, and natural ingredients. Ethical brands are reimagining almost everything, from refillable or biodegradable packaging, to local and natural ingredients, and concentrated products or solid formats without water and plastic. Advanced technologies like AI and blockchain ensure transparency, while brands increasingly engage with local communities and implement recycling programs.

But it’s not just consumer preferences driving change; European regulations play a pivotal role in strengthening safety standards, promoting transparency, and encouraging waste reduction. Ethical certifications and labels further empower engaged consumers to make informed choices and identify products aligning with their values.

Yet, challenges persist. Greenwashing remains a risk, diluting the impact of genuine ethical efforts. Accessibility and pricing of ethical products can be limiting factors for some. These challenges are also opportunities. They drive innovation, consumer engagement, and progress towards a future where personal care and household choices reflect not just our needs but our commitment to a better world.

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