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When finance aligns with our values, it can drive positive social and environmental change.

Ethical finance isn’t just about money; it’s a powerful catalyst for transformation.


Discover consumer perspectives on financial transparency and sustainability.

Explore innovative trends such as the integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria into investment decisions, and the importance of the double materiality of ethical brands.


In the wake of financial crises and scandals, the term “ethical finance” might sound like just a buzzword or even an oxymoron.

It is with little surprise that our first consumer survey in 2022 revealed that 56% of ethically conscious European consumers perceive the financial products they use as either not ethical or only marginally so. This percentage notably surpasses all other consumer product categories tested.

However, consumers are now vocally demanding transparency and sustainability from financial institutions, emphasizing the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria in investment decisions. Ethical finance champions are innovatively integrating these factors into financial strategies to ensure investments yield returns while driving positive change.

European regulations are also helping to facilitate the shift towards sustainable and ethical finance by mandating ESG reporting, offering tax incentives for ethical investments, and implementing climate risk stress tests. They help to ensure transparency, protect consumers from greenwashing, and align financial interests with ethical objectives.

While ethical finance faces challenges, innovation is flourishing in this space. From impact investing to green bonds, the financial industry is adapting. Blockchain technology offers transparency and security, while fintech companies are making ethical investing easy for everyone. Pioneers of ethical finance are driving these innovative solutions, showing that finance can be a force for good.

Ethical finance is therefore no longer a utopian or niche concept; it’s a dynamic movement reshaping the financial landscape. It empowers consumers to drive change and encourages financial institutions to prioritize values alongside profits.

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