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Tourism & Mobility

Paces and distances are key metrics of our lifestyles.

Tourism and mobility drive our ways of connecting people and places. As we go faster and further, the environmental and social impacts of our choices of transport and travel raise ethical dilemmas.

The demand for more sustainable alternatives is pushing regulations and innovations to accelerate change.This section explores transport and tourism trends, including the consumers perspectives, key regulation and innovation updates, as well as inspiring stories from ethical businesses.


Mobility and tourism can transport us physically and mentally, but they also raise increasing concerns. Traditional tourism, including air travel and energy-intensive transports, leaves a substantial environmental footprint. Moreover, issues like overtourism and inefficient transport systems contribute to social challenges. Striking a balance among convenience, sustainability, and fairness is therefore a pressing issue as even among the most ethically-minded European consumers, half of them do not consistently choose ethical options for transport and tourism, as revealed by the 2022 Etikord survey.

Governments worldwide recognize the importance of sustainable tourism and mobility. Initiatives include incentivizing low-emission transports, promoting eco-certifications for hotels, and preserving fragile natural sites through stricter regulations. These measures are designed to enhance transparency and encourage responsible choices. In Europe, regulations and certifications are spearheading a bold transition towards sustainable transport and responsible tourism. Innovation in this space is also thriving. Smart micro mobility options, green logistics, modernized public transport, and the application of advanced technologies are opening a variety of promising developments.

Ethical tourism and mobility are therefore not just trends; they represent a significant shift in how we plan all our trips and journeys. However, they also pose daunting dilemmas, such as how to preserve our environment while satisfying a fast-growing demand for mobility and tourism. The accessibility to all consumers of potential alternatives is also a major challenge. Lastly, in a rapidly expanding and technology-driven market, the spectre of greenwashing looms as a real and tangible threat.

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