Get It Done!

As an engaged consumer, you know can do much more than adjust your consumption habits.
You can help professionals with the right ideas and values to build tomorrow’s more ethical products and services, organizations and brands. Boost your personal brand and knowledge through unique opportunities to integrate ethical business projects. Collaborate with experts to help innovative and responsible brands, and yourself, become stronger game changers.
As a leader of an ethical brand, you know it, offering ethical products and services is just a start.
Sustainable success demands much more. Today’s consumers demand transparent, values-driven business practices at all levels. Etikord helps you to enhance your ethical value proposition across all your business functions, linking you with experts and community members in co-creation development projects. Let’s discuss your challenges, start involving new allies, and bring your ethical value proposition to the next level!
Etikord co-creation projects encompass research activities, workshops, and the creation of actionable insights and recommendations, propelling the reviewed function of the brand towards its next ethical evolution.

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