About Etikord

We champion ethical consumption and business practices,
uniting consumers and professionals around shared values.

Etikord acts as a “marketplace” of ideas and collaborations;
a hub for information, events and cocreation projects across Europe.

We empower engaged consumers to become opinion leaders
by providing insights about ethical consumption trends,
fostering meaningful connections, and facilitating collaborative experiences
with innovative and ethical consumer brands.

We also elevate ethical consumer brands,
connecting them with a cross-industry community’s collective intelligence.

Etikord’s heart beats for a cultural revolution
fuelled by meaningful alliances, shared values, and innovative solutions.

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Meet Other Members

Join other ethical champions at inspiring events!
Forge deep connections through purposeful discussions, both online and in-person.


Etikord events connect conscious consumers, facilitating meaningful exchanges of ideas and experiences, and fostering dialogue on hot topics in ethical consumption.


We also bring together engaged professionals from diverse sectors, promoting the sharing of knowledge, challenges, and opportunities, exchanging experiences, and enabling valuable networking.

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Our Services

Get informed, get connected, and get it done
with our integrated suite of information, event, and project services.

Empowering engaged consumers through
Information about ethical consumption trends and perspectives from other engaged consumers
Networking opportunities to build personal and professional connections aligned with shared values
Opportunities to take part in co-creation projects supporting committed brands

Empowering committed brands through
New perspectives and relevant insights about ethical consumption and business trends
Interactive sessions with committed brand leaders and experts in ethical business management
Collaborations with experts and brand ambassadors to build a superior ethical value proposition


Our Partners

Our partners play a pivotal role in Etikord’s journey.
By collaborating with these dedicated allies, Etikord is laying the groundwork for an evolutive service platform, establishing local and international networks, and fostering meaningful collaborations.
These partnerships empower us to bring together advocates for ethical consumption and business models, creating a vibrant community committed to driving sustainable change.