1. What is Etikord and how does it promote ethical consumption?

Etikord champions ethical consumption and business practices by bringing together consumers and professionals around shared values. It serves as a “marketplace” for ideas and collaborations, offering a hub for information, events, and co-creation projects throughout Europe.

2. How can I join the Etikord community?

Becoming part of the Etikord community is just a few clicks away!
Simply visit our ‘Join Us‘ page, fill in your details to register, and you’re all set.
As a member, you’ll unlock a world of resources, be the first to know about exciting events, and dive into unique projects. Plus, you’ll connect with a vibrant network of individuals and brands who share your passion for ethical consumption. Don’t forget to opt-in for our newsletter and express your interest in our various events and initiatives to make the most of your Etikord experience!

3. What are the benefits of joining Etikord for consumers and brands?

As a member, you’ll be informed and connected with a network of ethical consumers and brands. You’ll also have the opportunity to get involved in co-creation projects that further ethical consumption models.

For consumers:

  • Information about ethical consumption trends and perspectives from other engaged consumers.
  • Networking opportunities to build personal and professional connections aligned with shared values.
  • Opportunities to participate in co-creation projects supporting committed brands.
  • Enhance their personal brand by writing articles for the community, co-hosting events, and interacting with brands and experts throughout the co-creation process.

For brands:

  • Insightful information about ethical consumption and business trends.
  • Interactive sessions with committed brand leaders and experts in ethical business management.
  • Collaborations with experts and brand ambassadors to enhance their ethical value proposition.

4. What educational resources does Etikord provide about ethical consumption?

Etikord offers a rich library of resources in five languages about ethical consumption trends and business practices: articles, infographics, Ethical brand stories, event and project summaries, expert interviews, and more. These materials are designed to inform, inspire, and empower you to become an effective ambassador of ethical consumerism. Events and projects are other sources of learning as members play an active role, interacting with other members, ethical brands and experts.

5. What types of events does Etikord host?

Etikord organizes a wide range of interactive events, offered in five languages, to cater to our diverse community. Our events include engaging group discussions, available online and face-to-face, fostering deep connections among members. Participants exchange ideas and engage in meaningful discussions about ethical consumption and business practices. We tailor these events to suit distinct audiences: exclusively for consumers, solely for professionals, and mixed gatherings that bring both consumers and professionals together.

6. How does Etikord ensure the ethical standards of its members?

Etikord warmly welcomes all consumers, brands, and experts who deeply care about ethical consumerism and are eager to build meaningful connections and collaborations for impactful change. We are committed to ensuring an inclusive and nonjudgmental environment, amplifying diverse voices within our community. This commitment requires all members to adhere to high ethical standards. We expect everyone to respect others’ ideas and perspectives, maintain privacy during and after events and projects, and avoid defamatory or offensive comments.

To uphold these principles, Etikord actively moderates events and project workshops involving our members, and curates consumer-generated content published in the Etikord library. We encourage you to contact us with any concerns, allowing us to address uncomfortable situations promptly and continuously enhance our capabilities to ensure a productive and inclusive environment.

7. Can I contribute articles or ideas to the Etikord website?

Absolutely! We love community contributions.
Just reach out to us with your article or idea, and we’ll guide you on how to get it featured on our platform.
Similarly, if you have suggestions for events, including topics or new formats, we welcome your input.
You can even get involved in the preparation and hosting of these events.
Etikord’s calling is to become a platform enriched by content and events created by its members.

8. How can I stay updated on ethical consumption trends through Etikord?

You can stay updated on ethical consumption trends through Etikord in several engaging ways.
Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates, read our event summaries and articles for in-depth knowledge. Also, learn about our upcoming projects and events to be actively involved. Additionally, follow us on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and regularly visit our ‘Information‘ section. We ensure our content is continuously updated to keep you informed and engaged

9. Who is the driving force behind Etikord? Are there any affiliations with brands or private interests providing support?

Etikord is driven by a team of dedicated individuals (see our team) committed to ethical consumption.
While we partner with various brands, our approach stays impartial, guaranteeing autonomy and integrity in our content and collaborations. Being privately owned, Etikord retains full self-reliance; we do not share equity or management responsibilities with any brands or other private entities.

10. Will the content and the debates be moderated?

We understand that discussions about values and ethics can evoke strong emotions and feelings. That’s why our focus is on content that sparks meaningful conversations, rather than judging or discriminating against brands or consumer behaviours. We aim to highlight positive ethical stories and encourage the exchange of ideas to enhance collective intelligence and collaboration. By creating an environment where everyone feels respected and valued, we uphold the principle of free speech for all. One of our core values is ‘every connection and experience matters’, and our culture is rooted in integrity, kindness, collaboration, reliability, optimism, and even a touch of humour to make each shared experience enjoyable and memorable.

In short, yes, to foster and maintain a respectful and constructive environment, all debates during our group discussions will be moderated, and member-generated content on our platform will be reviewed before publication. This approach ensures a positive, trustworthy, and informative experience for all our members.