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Change often starts with what is on your plate.


Explore the ethical consumption trends in the food and drink sector, and learn about the evolving impact of our food systems on people, animals, and the environment.


Discover insights, experiences and expectations of engaged consumers, as well as inspiring ethical business stories that cover fair trade, conscientious labour practices, food safety, animal welfare, and sustainable approaches to sourcing, production, packaging and distribution.


The food and drink industry was one of the earliest sectors to see a rise in ethical consumption. In the 1960s, the organic and fair-trade movements gained momentum in response to concerns about conventional farming practices, pesticide use, environmental impact, social justice, economic inequality, and ethical trade relations.

Not surprisingly, consumers display today heightened ethical commitment in this sector. The 2022 Etikord survey found that 69% of ethically-driven European consumers regularly consume ethical food and drink products, compared to the 52% average across other product categories. Additionally, 55% of consumers actively seek more ethical choices in this category, compared to a 38% average in other categories.

However, the food and drink industry also ranks among the most negatively impactful industries on people, animals, and the environment. With a projected global population increase, the challenge of enhancing its sustainability and ethics intensifies.

Consumers increasingly demand transparency, traceability, and sustainability in their food and drink choices, leading to a shift toward local, organic, and cruelty-free products.

Innovations, spanning sustainable packaging to AI and blockchain, rise to address these demands. Simultaneously, labelling regulations and certifications evolve to cater to consumers’ concerns at both national and European levels, ensuring authenticity and trust.

Balancing convenience and ethics, as well as scalability and values, presents challenges and opportunities for engaged consumers and ethical brands alike.

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